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16th International Exhibition on Energy, Energy Saving, Nuclear Energy, Alternative Energy Sources - Power Uzbekistan 2023
17 - 19 May 2023 Tashkent, Uzbekistan



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 Exhibition sections


  • Low-voltage/high-voltage equipment
  • Electrical equipment and components
  • Accounting and control systems
  • Industrial automation devices
  • Coal industry equipment
  • Insulating materials and isolates
  • Transformation equipment
  • Generators, electric motors, diesel power plants, compressors
  • Heat exchangers
  • Industrial and utility power engineering
  • Emergency and rescue equipment, personal protective equipment

Power Electronics:

  • Power sources, power quality monitoring
  • Voltage transformers
  • Software

Nuclear Energy:

  • Building sophisticated industrial facilities
  • Construction and adjustment works
  • Power engineering
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning
  • Pipelines, fittings, pumps and valves
  • International technologies
  • Electrical engineering, cable products
  • Lifting and hoisting equipment
  • Security systems, firefighting equipment, facilities and fireproof materials, Special uniform
  • Back-end and de-commissioning, recycling of technogenic and industial waste, waste management, water treatment


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